Egyptian Hairstyles

Ancient Egyptian hairstyles created the status of the individual in society. As a girl, Egyptian children, boys and girls) had their hair shaved, except a long lock of hair attached to the side of the head. With the onset of puberty, boys shave the rest of their hair, while the girls wore their hair in braids or a ponytail style, with only the tail hangs in the back of the clothing worn by the Egyptians CenterThe Ancient was simple, consisting of changes for white women and kilts for men.

 The garment was adorned with fabulous jewelry, scarves and aprons and the addition of decorative and very fashionable wigs. The ancient Egyptians usually kept their hair short or shaved, and the rich Egyptian men wore wigs. The women of ancient Egypt have kept their hair long and braided, they curled. Rich women wore wigs as elaborate.

Egyptian Hairstyles
Egyptian Hairstyles

Egyptian Wigs

Variations in hairstyles EgyptianThe hairstyles of the ancient Egyptians were subject to some variation depending on their status in society. These variations were as follows:

Status - the highest status of the more elaborate the hairstyle, wigs and jewelry

Role in society - the Egyptian priests shaved their hair completely and do not wear a wig

Gender - men and women adopted different hairstyles

Age - Children of both sexes wore the "lock of youth". Older men and women dyed their hair with henna

Fashion - Hairstyles and fashions have changed during different periods of ancient Egyptian history

Egyptian HairstylesEgyptian HairstylesEgyptian Hairstyles

Egyptian HairstylesEgyptian Hairstyles

Egyptian HairstylesEgyptian Hairstyles

 Egyptian Hairstyles

Hairstyles of the ancient Egyptian woman
The women of ancient Egypt in the early Middle Kingdom kept their hair short, while women of the New Kingdom later kept their long hair braided and they curled. Rich women wore wigs as elaborate. Long hair was dressed like the braids, ponytails braided, and sometimes a fringe has been cut. Rich curly hair has been carefully and sometimes adorned with jewels, gold sprigs, flowers, beads, ribbons and hair bands. Women had a preference for the single hair that were held in place with clips and hairpins.
Ancient Egyptian hairstyles for men
Hairstyles of men in ancient Egypt has changed little throughout the period that lasted more than three thousand years. The ancient Egyptians usually kept their hair short or shaved. Rich Egyptian men then wore wigs or developed hair extensions.

Ancient Egyptian Hairstyles of

Hairstyles Egyptian children consisted of a shaved head, but a long braided wick that hung on the side. This strand of hair has been called the "lock of youth". This hairstyle was the traditional style worn by boys and girls until puberty. At the age of puberty, the "lock of youth" has been cut and the young men then adopted the same hairstyle as men - short or shaved. The girls then kept their hair long, they were dressed like braided ponytails or braids, and sometimes a fringe has been cut. Their hair was carefully curled and sometimes adorned with jewels, pearls and hair bands.

The beard of the Pharaohs

Despite the change in style and esteem accorded to the new lower face hair beard was still considered sacred to the gods and therefore the Pharaohs. The beard was considered a symbol of divine gods. Representations of the pharaohs, the two kings and queens, are seen wearing fake beards braided. 

Egyptian Hairstyles

 These false beards were religious symbols of the Pharaohs emphasizing their status as a living god. The bizarre false beards were tightly knotted, braided and hooked behind the ears. Styles and beards of various forms of long rectangular shape that has been cut down for a long braided beard as close a pigtail with the end that juts forward, like the beard on the chin Mask of Tutankhamun , Tutankhamun. They were worn on important religious ceremonies and others.


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